Criminal Procedure Cd, Armenia

Check out and search the entire Criminal Procedure Code of Armenia. The criminal procedure code entered into force in January 1999 and specifies that a suspect may be detained for no more than 12 months pending trial, has the right to an attorney, right to a public trial and to confront witnesses, and the right to appeal (Source: Wikipedia)Read the entire Armenian Criminal Procedure Code. Search at will. All sections of the Act are available in the app.Whether you are a criminal lawyer, layperson, law student, chartered accountant, a corporate lawyer or a taxpayer, this is an invaluable reference since it contains full text of the Act. You can search using any keyword and the app will show you the relevant sections.* To see all sections of the Act (index) do not enter any search term and hit the search key. This provides you with complete list of chapters like a TABLE OF CONTENTS.The list of contents chapter-wise comes up by default when you start the application.To see list of contents chapter-wise, press the search key with no search text.Join in to our Facebook group: and check out more of our apps on Google PlayWe hope you enjoy referring to our application on your Android phone and Android tablet.If you have questions about any functionality or any applications errors, do send email to us and we will fix straightaway. Please refrain from flaming us on google play - we usually respond quickly to reasonable requests.You will see periodic ads in the application. The download is free so this is the way we monetize the app.Thank you-Appfever Android team

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