Russian<->Armenian Dictionary

Russian–Armenian and Armenian–Russian bidirectional dictionaries.THE LARGEST AND MOST EXPANSIVE BI-DIRECTIONAL DICTIONARY FOR ANDROID SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS!A book weighing 5 pounds won't have as many words as this dictionary. NO NEED FOR AN INTERNET CONNECTION OR 3G – the entire app comes pre-loaded with everything you need for studying, traveling, or anything on the go.ECTACO LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary features:• Comprehensive and fully updated bilingual, bidirectional vocabulary• TrueVoice technology to pronounce entries in a human voice• Part-of-speech and gender labels, comments and examples• Advanced TTS (text-to-speech) functionality• Quick paste & translate (translates a selected word copied from another application)• Input Line search to find all words matching the sequence of letters you enter• History function to view and select previously entered words• Integrated support for C-Pen Bluetooth scanner for text input• Automatic spelling checker• User dictionary• User-selectable speech synthesizer, in addition to the TrueVoice sound files• Cross-translation• On-line search optionsThis user-friendly translation tool includes up to 1,000,000+ words, depending on the language.

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