ALE Demonstrator

ALE Demonstrator is an Android client that displays the data provided by an Aruba Networks, Inc Analytics & Location Engine installation.When the app is configured to point to an ALE server, it uses the http API to discover all campus, building and floor information on the server, offering a simple menu that allows a floor and download the floorplan diagram.Meanwhile the app sets up a publish-subscribe feed from the ALE and gathers nearly all pub-sub data (location, presence, RSSI, station subscriptions) . Reported objects (Wi-Fi devices) are plotted on the floorplan, optionally showing their historical track. Selecting an object on the touch screen shows all pub-sub events logged for that object.The app can show all objects on a floor, or select one by touch or MAC address, or select the app’s device to track.ALE Demonstrator is written in Java. We intend to make the source code publicly available for developers wishing to work with ALE interfaces.

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