PocketPEC (trial)

PocketPEC is an Android application designed to simplify the management of italian Certified Electronic Email system (Posta Elettronica Certificata: PEC), PCT (Processo Civile Telematico) and P7M attachmentsPocketPEC is available for trial to all users for 30 days the trial version is only limited in timePocketPEC implements the following features:- Notifications on PCT receipt- Notifications on mailbox quota- Directly displays the contents of the original message (EML)- Displays the contents of P7M attachments and related signatures- import PEC account form ThunderPEC, using the Transfer Account function- Search a public/government office PEC address by means of the DigitPA Open Data infrastructure (spcdata.digitpa.gov.it)- Simplify the configuration of the PEC mailbox through a wizard with preconfigured parameters of some PEC providers (eg Aruba, Legalmail, Postecert, Actalis, KPNQwest)- Verifies the digital signature of the PEC message, inserted by the PEC provider, and provides functionality for viewing the details of the difgital certificate associated with the signature.- View, both in simplified form and original, transaction data contained in XML (daticert.xml) associated with a PEC message- Manages IMAP Folders, associated with the PEC account- Synchronize sent mails on precofigured PEC accounts (such as Aruba, Legalmail, Postecert, Actalis, KPNQwest)More details are available on the website www.pocketpec.it

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