AP Installer

The AP Installer app provides an electronic record of each AP installation, using data captured on-site by the installer. It is not specific to Aruba equipment.This app will look best on a 7 inch tablet, but works on screens from Nexus One (3.7 inch) up.The app provides a structure for the installer to record data about the installation:- A bar-code scan can be used for serial number or MAC of the AP- Text entry fields for AP name, serial number, MAC, location or notes about the installation- Up to 3 photographs can be attached to the record. These can show details of the location or surroundings.- If you have an AirWave network management server, you can download floorplans from it and indicate the position of the installed AP on the floorplan.- If the device has GPS enabled, the lat & long of the install is recorded.- If a simple street address lookup (from GPS) succeeds, the (approximate) street address is added.At the end of an installation run, the list of AP information is emailed as a spreadsheet and a list of images: this can be archived as a permanent record and proof of each AP installed.Don’t forget to email the results at the end of the run: there is no archive on the tablet.(The AP Installer app uses an external bar-code app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.zxing.client.android&hl=en . The first time a scan is initiated, it will prompt you to go to the Google Play Store and download the bar-code app. If you are wondering why the app is in landscape mode, the bar-code scanner app only works this way around).

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