Silent Selfie - muted camera

※Do not use it for any illegal work.※※Use responsibly※Have you been able to take a selfie in a library? Probably not! Do you hate it when people on the bus stare at you for taking a self-shot? Don't worry about it anymore. Say hello to the newest selfie camera app, Silent Selfie. It provides a muted shutter sound as well as 20 fun effects for the pictures! Enjoy taking selfies anywhere with this easy, simple, good qalitiy camera app brought to you by Hardcore Soft.◆ What is good about this app?1. No matter where you are, take a picture. No one's going to know!2. This app supports all the camera resolutions that your camera preview supports.3. Silent Selfie prevents pictures from getting reversed from left to right.4. There are 20 special effects for your pictures.5. You can also crop the pictures in your gallery and give them cool effects.6. It's faster than other apps at generating fun effects.7. If you press the shutter button long enough, a bigger shutter button will appear to help you easily take a selfie.8. You can use pinch to zoom in and zoom out in camera view.9. Pictures are conveniently stored in this folder [ SD Card/SilentSelfCamera ]◆ Caution!1. Any silent camera has lower resolution preview then the device camera.2. Do not be surprised if the image is not the quality you expected when you apply effects. Only a thumbnail will be shown initially in order to show you the effects faster. The real quality can be viewed after the image is saved.3. This app can only be used with front facing cameras.◆ self camera, selfie, GIF camera, Wonder Camera, Photo Wonder, PowerCam, PicsArt, Cgv, Mail, silent camera, silent cam, spy camera

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