MyTalk is a simple and easy memo-taking application.You don't have to take unnecessary steps to record your intriguing ideas and schedules anymore!Just 3 steps will let you write a quick memo on your phone. Launch → Write → Save![Features]▷ MyTalk provides a simple interface which resembles Instant Messaging applications. You can write and save your notes as if you are writing an instant message to yourself.▷ MyTalk is very simple. You don't have to take unnecessary steps anymore. No more complicated settings and customization.▷ You can directly check date of your memos. They will be exposed just right below on your memos.[MyTalk is useful when you...]▷ need to record your ideas quickly.▷ want to write your diary in a easy-way.▷ write a to-do lists.▷ write a shopping lists.▷ temporarily save your messages before you send them to your friends.▷ want a wholly new way of taking memos!!★ New features and designs will be updated consistently ★keyword: memo, note, writing, write, talk, mytalk, my talk, my, talk, message, check, list, to do, todo, schedule

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