Ascii Art & Emoticons

Ascii Art & Emoticons is a must have application with great collection of coolest Ascii art, symbol messages and emoticons that you can use daily to send to your love ones!*** Main features in Ascii Art & Emoticons ***★ Ascii art: symbol messages are divided into 22 categories that you can use every day or in special occasions. ★ Emoticons: cute Japanease emoticons and emoji symbols that divided into 52 categories with 4 main sections: emotion, animal, action, miscellaneous★ Share all your favorite Ascii art & emoticons to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, …★ Browse data by list or view in detail quickly & conveniently.★ Add/Remove Ascii Art, emoticons to/from favorites section, that makes your favorite symbol messages easy to search later.★ Browse all favorite data easily.★ Quickly change Ascii Art & emoticons categories by pressing dropdown box on the top corner, apply in both list and detail view.★ Copy message to clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.★ Romantic piano music background when using this app.*** Contact information for Ascii Art & Emoticons ***If you have any problems about this app, please contact us via: Email: love to hear from you! Thanks for supporting.HappySun Mobile

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