Hunter: Ass hunting safari

Hunter Sam liked animals and even had Greenpeace membership card. But everything is changing, when you have to knock up in the forest against bears, more looking like bloodthirsty monsters than sweet kind friends of Winnie-the-Pooh. Predators were having a rest during the cat sleep, so the visit of an unexpected guest displeased them extremely. They do not averse to unleash all their aggression and righteous bear fury on the unlucky hunter. They are ready to revenge for their fellows, which ended their lives as fur rugs in living-rooms of mustachioed bumbling poachers or as perpetual prisoners of old zoo cages. But what will happen with hunter Sam's family? With his loving wife Sara and twins Alex and Tom?Hungry and sad life, that is what is waiting for them!The hunt began. Everything Sam has is a gun and shells, which by hard adventure are spent hell-bent for leather. But fortunately on the way he can from time to time provide himself with chargers, left from less lucky hunters.Help the brave hunter. It depends from you whether this hunt will become a triumph of human intelligence and knack or turn into a bloodthirsty bacchanalia. Simply said, will hunter Sam outdo bears or will bears frack over hunter Sam. Dare, friends! Kick well these shaggy bastards asses!• The complexity increases from level to level • Refill lives, cleaning all the level• Look for chargers (they can be hidden in bushes) • Earn bonuses and save shells, killing some animals by one shot.• Get scores and compete with other gamers. Whose game is good?• The game will be interesting for the mainstream audience.• The innovative control contributes to the development of fingers motor skills• Simplicity and agility allows you to have a good time.PS. The interview of hunter Sam for National Geographic channel before his trip to bears' forests.-Hi Sam. How is your mood?-Great, thank you.-What do you feel before such a dangerous and unpredictable adventure?-You know, I do not even afraid. Fear, you know, it is not a friend of mine who is going my way. Besides it, I am helped by such great, savvy, sportive boys and girls. Thank you for help, friends.-The very truth itself, Sam. Tell us, why did you became a hunter?-You won't believe, since my childhood I liked beasties. Well, like bunnies, squirrels, foxes. And it hurt me to the bottom of my heart that big cruel animals could offend them, bite them, tear them to pieces without missing a beat. That is why I took a gun when I grown up. I am for justice. And justice has to be protected, we have to fight for it and also fight with deadly force. - And what about hunting for deers?-I do not like hunting for deers, I disgust it. It is a mean to satisfy personal ambitions, dirty animal instincts. I reiterate the posture, I am for peace, I am for justice.- I know that you have a wife and children. How did they respond to your decision to go and fight with bears? - Sara supports me completely, and Alex and Tom want to see hero in their father and I have no right to disappoint their expectations. Forest, hunt, bears… So far these words are tempting for them. They, thank goodness, do not imagine what you feel when shells in the charger are ending, when bloodthirsty monsters are approaching and it is harder to make it. But they do not know what it is to pass a level, to reach a new peak, to beat a record and, the most important, to give beans evil, to restore the order. - Sam, I am sure that guys who will play with you are real master of their craft.- I have no doubts about it.- Thank you for the interview. Good luck, hunter Sam.- Thank you. Well, it is time for hunt.

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